Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels

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Please contact us to order cuttings or plants.

Potential CBD Range 10-16%
This top-shelf cultivar comes from the Trump 1 parent cultivar mixed together with the floral, fruity, and fun Berry Blossom strain. Nice bushy plant reaches 36"-48" tall and can yield 2-2.5 pounds. Harvest in early October outdoors, or at about 8 weeks indoors.

Certificate of Analysis

Available as:

  • Unrooted cuttings, 100 minimum
  • Clones, 50-count tray, 1 tray minimum
  • 3.5" Jumbo, 18-count case, 1 case minimum
  • 1 Gallon pot, avail. June 15th
  • 3 Gallon pot, mother


  • Contact us for current market pricing
  • Bulk/wholesale pricing available
  • 50% deposit required, payment in full before delivery
  • Valid industrial hemp license number required to purchase
  • 2020 Plant Price List

 *Valid industrial hemp license required to purchase.